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Cutting the Chances of Cancer

Lifestyle plays an extremely important role in the prevention of cancer. Four key lifestyle changes have shown to reduce the chances of cancer deaths by half. These changes are cessation of smoking, exercising regularly, keeping weight at a healthy level, and drinking alcohol in moderation.

The fact is smoking does absolutely no good anyway you look at it. Even if you smoked in the past and quit today your lungs have a chance to heal, lowering your risk for cancer. There are many prescription and nonprescription medications to assist in smoking cessation. Taking this seriously and making a commitment to yourself will decrease the chances of suffering from lung cancer significantly.

Moderate exercise has been proven to prevent cancers of the colorectal area, breast, bone, and endometrium. Brisk walking, swimming, dancing and Zumba are examples of exercises that increase circulation to all areas of the body. The chances of cancer and cardiovascular disease decrease as the amount of time spent on exercise increases. Supplements of antioxidants also contribute to cancer prevention.

Drinking alcohol in very limited amounts sets up a low risk of colon, liver and bladder cancer. One 6 oz. glass of red wine appears to be protective against cancer and cardiovascular disease. Yet more than 1.5 oz. of liquor is found to be detrimental to the body on a daily basis. This increases the probability of liver cancer significantly.

The evidence for excessive weight in relation to many cancers is extremely strong. Eating healthy and being more physically active can decrease the chances of cancer of the digestive, reproductive, and cardiovascular systems. Focusing on fruits, vegetables, and whole grains helps to decrease the pounds and increase health. People can feel the benefits within days after shedding a few pounds. It doesn’t take long once you’re committed.

These lifestyle changes can happen now in your life. It’s not too late and never a waste of your time. You can make a difference in your life today and prevent cancer from becoming a part of your life.