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Caring For A Loved One With Diabetes

If you are caring for a loved one who has diabetes, you have a particular set of obstacles to overcome. Diabetes leads to a variety of painful symptoms and health issues, including skin conditions, chronic fatigue, and even cardiovascular risks. As such, a caregiver needs to offer support in a special way.

Family members who help loved ones with diabetes are prone to experience a high volume of stress, which both affects their own health and their ability to help those who need them.

Next Avenue spoke with clinical psychologist, Rosalind Dorlen, about how caregivers can help those with diabetes and maintain their peace of mind.

Seek wellness. This applies to both caregiver and those receiving care. As Dorlen states, you should both become aware of how you feed and the effects of eating certain kinds of foods.

Get involved. By looking to the community for assistance, you will realize you are not alone. Diabetes walks are common in most areas. You can also look to the internet for advice and online groups. Podcasts, social media, and blogs can prove invaluable.

Energize yourself. Make a conscious effort to eliminate a good portion of stress in your life. Find what works for you, whether it's a nature walk, a form of meditation, or a hobby.

Cultivate self-compassion. You may be doing everything right -- promoting healthy living, maintaining a strict diet and medicinal schedule, and there can still be health complications.

Realize that you cannot completely stop the disease, but you can help your loved one have a better quality of life.

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