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Apple’s Step Forward in Helping the Elderly and Disabled

One of Apple’s most popular products, The Apple Watch, has the ability to promote physical activity as well as overall fitness and nutrition. Technology has been leaning towards wearable technology over the past few years with an emphasis on activity and calorie trackers. However, those who are wheelchair-bound like many seniors had been left out of the innovation until now.

Apple recently announced new advancements to the Apple Watch’s software to accommodate those who do not walk, or who need alternative physical exercise. It can now track activity in new ways that its previous software wouldn’t be able to accomplish. In fact, the watch used to remind users to get up and walk around after some time, but now there is an option to change that reminder to “time to roll”, according to Disability Scoop.

The update is a step forward towards health advancement and health monitoring. These handy gadgets also can monitor heart rates and features additional health related elements.

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